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About atalante Übersetzungen

Based in Bielefeld, atalante Übersetzungen has been providing first-class professional translation services in the fields of business, technology and law since 1995.
We follow the DIN EN 15380 quality standard for translation work and translate

Business reports/financial statements, press releases, employee magazines, company guidelines, advertising slogans…

Operating manuals, trade press articles, technical documents…

Court rulings, Certificates of Incorporation, contracts, certificates...

From our pool of graduate or state-certified translators and if required, court-certified translators, we carefully select the experts able to accurately translate your text into the target language using their specialist experience. Our translators only translate from the working language into their native tongue.

Modern translation memory systems ensure that the specialised, verified terminology used can be integrated unchanged into future orders. This guarantees that terminological and stylistic consistency is maintained in each text, which is a major benefit to our regular customers, especially when texts relate to a company’s corporate identity.
Accuracy, precision and stylistic perfection – our goal for ultimate customer satisfaction.

In addition to our standard languages, English, French, Italian, Dutch/Flemish, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish, we also provide translations from and into many other languages e.g. Japanese.

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    atalante Übersetzungen

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