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How much does a translation cost?

We calculate our translation prices based on the length and difficulty/specialist area of your text and the required target language.
The length of your text is calculated from the number of lines (line = 55 characters) or if required, from the number of words.
The more difficult/specialised your text is, the more demanding it is for the translator in terms of expert knowledge. This is why we divide texts into three categories, e.g.

Category 1

- Credentials
- Private correspondence
- Certificates of marriage eligibility
- Birth certificates

Category 2

- Press releases
- Presentations
- Product brochures
- Operating manuals

Category 3

- Court rulings
- Contracts
- Technical specifications
- Business reports, financial statements

We are also happy to offer you special rates for large-scale projects.
Discounts for repetitions: By using new technologies like translation memory tools, we are able to identify repetitions within a text and as a result, offer you discounts of up to 60%.
Quotes: We will gladly provide you with a free, non-binding quote. The quickest way is by using our online contact form. However, you can also send this document by e-mail, fax or post.

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